About us

Love at first… touch

When our family first saw and touched alpacas, it was love at first sight… and touch! In fact we were planning to buy a special breed of sheep or goat. But the alpacas looked so cute with their big shiny eyes, their fluffy ears and their incredibly soft fleece… One year later we bought 3 female alpacas.

In the summer of 2013 our first alpaca foal was born. Raphaël was the cutest Bambi-lookalike ever!

Why alpaca?

Mandel Alpaca's

In the valley of the Mandel river in West-Flanders (Belgium), our herd is steadily growing. Once every year, in the month of May, our beloved animals are shorn.

At first, we used to throw the fleece away (shame on us!). But lots of reading, workshops and international alpaca shows taught us how unique alpacas and their delicate fiber are…

Ain’t no mountain high enough… Ain’t no valley low enough…

In 2015, we felt the need to let more people enjoy the luxury and delicacy of this pure, soft, high-quality natural fiber. Our initial plan was to import knitwear from Peru, the South-American homeland of the alpaca.

But in spite of the high-quality fiber, the knitwear design from the other side of the world wasn’t exactly what we had in mind… Therefore, we started to design our own collection. We work exclusively with 100% baby alpaca of the highest quality, harvested from our own animals and partially imported from Peru.

Raphaëlle Alpaca Mood is a timeless and cosy collection of 100% baby alpaca knitwear in wonderful colours and warm earth tones, refined and luxurious with a modern touch.

Raphaëlle’s story is not over yet. A while ago, we met a Belgian company that founded a knitting atelier in Peru. As we’re thankful and proud of this unique fiber and its origins, we didn’t hesitate a moment to support this beautiful initiative.

Raphaëlle Alpaca Mood is designed in Belgium, but all accessories and some sweaters are hand-knitted in Peru by vulnerable women who earn a steady income. In this way, they can support themselves and their families.

We take care of them, they take care of us!

Raphaëlle embraces the world, so can you...

The brand “Raphaëlle”

Our brand name Raphaëlle Alpaca Mood comes from Raphaël, our very first alpaca foal. He was born on 21 July 2013, the day Prince Filip was crowned as King of Belgium. The quality of his first fleece was royal baby alpaca, with a fiber diameter of 17 micron. This was only worn by the ancient Inca kings. How royal can an alpaca be…? Therefore there’s a little crown in the logo. With Raphaël started our unconditional love for alpacas and their unique fiber.

We’re very proud to present our very first collection. We hope you enjoy it!

Warm and cosy greetings,
Anja, Bart, Aurélie, Camille & Anthonie